Nuevos Productos

As a new generation of esports keyboards, VANTAR S has an elegant appearance with a variety of RGB light effects. It’s equipped with slick scissor-switches that brings users a superior response for a great gaming user experience.
Minos EX is a nimble and powerful ambidextrous gaming mouse with the RGB lighting shortcut function. It’s ideal for those who love RGB vibe & agile gaming experience.
Duoface RGB is a combination of elegance and cooling performance. With two distinctive front panels, one for dazzling RGB lighting effects; the other for superior airflow and optimized cooling performance. Moreover, it also includes two massive 140mm ARGB fans, a 120mm ARGB fan, and a highlighted logo to bring you advanced illumination control. Duoface RGB is a 230mm wide-body design mid tower case that offers abundant space for CPU cooler, cable management, compatibility for a E-ATX motherboard, and high-end graphic cards up to 330mm. It’s an upgrade in every aspect compared to the past gaming cases.
A feat of engineering and design, LUXLIM is an innovative gaming keyboard that features optical-mechanical and low-profile switches as well as unrivaled ultra-slim 20mm thickness to bring speed, dexterity and precision. Its engrossing look with RGB light effects and CNC aluminum frame presents perfectly the COUGAR unique gaming aesthetics.
Compact, functional, and stylish, the COUGAR DEIMUS 120 gaming desk is designed for a decent space for any application. It’s perfectly well-constructed with reliable materials for long gaming sessions. After all, it’s not just a desk, but a desk that leads you toward every triumph and great life experience.
POSEIDON-GT AIO liquid cooler empowers high cooling performance. With the unique 90-degree UTTERIGHT fins, high-efficiency fans and glorious ARGB lighting in infinity mirror design, your system will look great and run better.
Inheriting the ergonomics of the Argo gaming chair, Argo One steps it up a notch. Argo One features contoured comfort, great support, and gaming style. It is like an upgrade equipment in game, equip it, and power yourself up.
The Purity RGB is a mini tower case designed with clean lines and equipped with a hinged tempered glass panel. The ARGB LED strip and the ARGB fan give it an amazing and modern look. The Purity RGB is a great PC case that supports for a 240mm radiator, a 305mm graphic card, and a 160mm CPU cooler. It delivers both elegant outlook and excellent value for you.
COUGAR DS10 Docking Station is born to expand your limited I/O ports from your laptop PC. Its dual 4K/60Hz ultra-high displays and fast-speed USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports will enlarge your productivity once again. By connecting your 100W adapter, you will have sufficient power to keep your work done without clutter cable management. By inserting the SD card and ethernet port, you are an efficient content creator. One more thing, with RGB and lighting identity spirits, COUGAR DS10 is the best laptop gaming gear.
As a single tower air cooler for mid/high-level CPU, Forza 85 with its uniquely designed front cover, paired with COUGAR MHP120 high performance fan, provides users an optimum balance between ultra-silent operation and extremely cooling. Forza 85 is absolutely built for most performance users. (minor overclock setting capable)
Through structural adjustment and precision tuning, MHP 120 fan is suitable for any cooling fan position inside the chassis. In addition, the metallic-reinforced motor hub & metallic bearing shell design drastically increases the stability and cooling performance. MHP120 is the perfect choice for cooling fan upgrades!
COUGAR Omnes Essential is a wireless headset with an enhanced stereo driver and microphone for energizing your gaming performance. It is your best wireless teammate.
To curb global warming, a PSU with higher efficiency means the longevity and less energy goes to waste. The COUGAR Polar platinum efficiency series protects the Earth and makes the best for the next generation.
COUGAR GES series is high-quality 80Plus Gold certified with superior power delivery, efficiency, silence and durability. It will be a reliable PSU for those who are looking for the best gaming experience.
COUGAR E-MARS equips electrical and motorized units to achieve the best ergonomic gaming desk. The easy and height adjustment releases the pressures of the lower body and protects your health after a long section of gaming. The spacious desktop with dazzling RGB effects creates an immersive gaming experience. Not just a gaming desk, COUGAR E-MARS is a dream piece of furniture for all generations.
Surpassion EX is an ergonomic and powerful gaming mouse with the RGB lighting shortcut function. It’s ideal for those who love RGB vibe & comfortable gaming experience.

Combinación perfecta de funcionalidad y ergonomía, COUGAR Terminator es la silla de juego con una estética mecánica única. Proporciona un gran nivel de emoción, un rendimiento revolucionario y una excelente ergonomía, que los gamers y los jugadores de esports están deseando utilizar.

We’ve made COUGAR PC cases even better. The new patterned air vents and the LED strips create a special outlook for your amazing build. Three gorgeous ARGB fans, mighty support for up a 280mm radiator, a 320mm graphic card, and a 175mm CPU cooler deliver superior value for you.
Archon 2 Mesh RGB sports an attractive and elegant design with three ARGB fans at the front panel. The integrated lighting button allows it to display amazing lighting effects. Powerful airflow, mighty support for up a 360mm radiator, a 315mm graphic card, and a 170mm CPU cooler deliver superior value for you.
COUGAR Freeway mouse pad has a new weaving surface from CORDURA® which was high strength, smooth and lightweight, it provides extreme durability, stability, and smooth contact to have the best precision and mouse control for most gamers.