Come to Pax West with COUGAR!

Come to Pax West with COUGAR!

Pax West Announcement

Always Near Gamers, now at Pax West

We strive every day to serve gamers and deliver them the products they need to bring their performance to the limit, and there is no better way to know what gamers need than hanging out with them. COUGAR couldn’t miss one of the most exciting events of the West Coast; we will be bringing our newest and most potent gaming gear to Pax West!

An Event Worth Visiting

Pax West 2018 will take place in Seattle from August 31 to September 3 and will feature interesting performances, LAN PC gaming, console gaming, panels on many gaming topics and much more! This celebration of gaming culture is a highly diverse event that delivers loads of exciting opportunities for intellectual exchange, meeting new friends and of course, gaming! If you’re a gamer, there is something for you at Pax West.

COUGAR  doesn’t skip any opportunity to give gamers a taste of the world’s best gaming gear

See All the New COUGAR Gear!

And, if you decide to go to Pax West (which we recommend you do), don’t miss booth 7008 (Level 6, Washington State Convention Center)! COUGAR’s latest gaming gear, cases, chairs and much more wait for you here. You will also get a chance to see by yourself the two revolutionary new COUGAR cases that dominated Computex 2018: Gemini T and Gemini X!

Waiting for you at PAX West’s COUGAR Booth!

An Amazing Booth is Waiting for YOU

This year we have gone full force into Pax West. With the biggest COUGAR Pax booth ever, space to experience our products and the opportunity to talk with our team about the future of gaming!

COUGAR All Over the Place

We produce the world’s best gaming gear, and people all over the world know it. To make sure everybody has their chance of experiencing first hand what playing with superior gaming equipment is, we have arranged for twenty-six full sets of COUGAR gaming gear to be installed in the booth #1901, giving everybody a chance to enjoy the legendary Immersa headsets, the Core EX hybrid-mechanical keyboard, the nimble and powerful Minos X2, and one of the best gaming pads ever created. Enjoy the classic RPG gameplay of Pathfinder: Kingmaker with top-end gear!

Want to try the most powerful gaming gear on earth? You’ll have a chance at PAX!

Gear Up at PAX West!

And, if you like what you see, there’s no better place than Pax West itself to gear up for gaming! Our booth will feature an on-site COUGAR store, which will allow you to upgrade your peripherals and other equipment before heading to the PC Area to thrash your friends and rivals!

Gear Up for Gaming!

Need to gear up to face your rivals? We’ve got you covered!

Do you need any more reason to get to Booth 7008 and meet the future of gaming? Don’t miss this unique chance!

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