COUGAR and Aiuto Forge Powerful Partnership, Bringing Gaming Excellence to Japan!

COUGAR is honored to announce the new partnership with Aiuto (Aiuto Co., Ltd.), a prominent and leading IT distributor in the Japanese market. This collaboration marks a significant step for COUGAR in expanding our reach and offering a diverse portfolio of products to Japanese consumers. Aiuto will serve as the exclusive distributor for our diverse range of products, from cutting-edge PC components and peripherals to our innovative gaming chairs and desks.

COUGAR's commitment to delivering high-quality products aligns seamlessly with Aiuto's reputation for excellence in distribution. This partnership aims to provide Japanese consumers with unparalleled access to revolutionary gaming and PC build solutions.

Aiuto will play a crucial role in introducing COUGAR's products to retailers, ensuring widespread availability across Japan. This collaboration not only strengthens COUGAR's presence in the region but also reaffirms our dedication to delivering superior gear to gamers and PC enthusiasts worldwide.

About Aiuto Co., Ltd.

Aiuto Corporation is an integrated business enterprise that develop and operate business as an agent of global brands in the field of components of personal computers, computer peripherals and several kinds of digital devices. The company name of “Aiuto” is literally Italian, means of “Help” and “Support”. Through this concept of principles, we play as a role of distributor to help and support customer’s business increasingly in the digital market. Aiuto’s current activities are expanding far beyond its trading operations as its diverse business range from components to high-profile digital devices, audio, tablets, etc. Furthermore, Aiuto also develop EC business to share more digital life with the end of users. Aiuto seeks to contribute to the enrichment of society through business firmly rooted in principles of help and support concept. Learn more at


COUGAR was founded in 2007 by a group of computer peripherals engineers who shared a vision to design a whole new gaming experience. Ever since, we’ve been redefining and expanding the range of gaming products that include gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, cases, power supply units, cooling, gaming chairs, gaming desks and related accessories. In other words, we provide everything a serious gamer needs at the highest quality available. COUGAR has won thousands of awards for its products including the prestigious IF Design AWARD in Germany.

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