The keyboard rest offers an ergonomic design for extremely comfort. The memory foam quickly and fully recovers from pressure, It also has anti-slip rubber base to prevent movement during gaming sessions.
Prevents scratching the floor when moving your chair around during gaming sessions. It also makes your chair silent when moving across the floor. Made with hard wearing fabric to result in a highly durable product.
Don’t know where to put your gaming headset when you’re not using it? Need an extra pair of USB ports? Interested in adding an RGB touch to your build? Bunker S RGB is what you need.
Bunker RGB unites the Bunker series’ superior design with a highly attractive RGB lighting and a convenient two-port USB hub to become a highly useful addition to any gamer’s desk.
Bunker M RGB is as useful as a phone stand can get. It does not only wirelessly recharge your phone at high speed but also works as a convenient stand to use your phone in different environments, has excellent RGB lighting and sports an onboard 2-port USB hub.
This flexible and durable headset stand allows you to place your headsets wherever you want, keeping them protected and saving you desktop space.
An ideal companion for high-end gaming mice, Bunker allows you to enjoy the unparalleled reliability of wired gaming mice while keeping the cable out of your way.
Fortress is COUGAR’s answer to the mobility needs of gamers. With the capability of storing all your gaming gear as well as a gaming laptop, everything you need for a great gaming session can fit inside it, protected within its shockproof anti-vibration structure.
To help you cover all the areas you want to bathe in RGB light, the COUGAR RGB LED Strips are longer than those offered by most competitors: with 15 LEDs per strip, you will make the best use of the available connectors. No corner will be left in the dark!
COUGAR Spirit is the jacket gamers need. Suitable both for indoor gaming use and for outdoor sports, this stylish piece of gaming clothing is exactly what gamers need.
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