La evolución de la silla gamer


The Evolution of a Gaming Chair Revolution

La combinación de juego y ergonomía

Argo está construida con un marco de aluminio de primera calidad. Contiene una almohadilla de malla altamente transpirable que ofrece el máximo apoyo duradero para una experiencia de juego más cómoda.

The combination of gaming and ergonomics

Argo is built with a premium aluminum frame and highly breathable mesh cushion that brings lasting maximum support for the most comfortable gaming experience.

Mantente fresco

La acumulación de calor y humedad del cuerpo puede ser un dilema a la hora de jugar. El diseño de malla altamente transpirable de Argo, permite que el aire, el calor corporal y el vapor de agua pasen a través del asiento y el respaldo para mantenerte fresco, fresco y seco. Experimenta el asiento más cómodo e ingrávido durante una sesión de juego de larga duración.

Stay Cool

The build-up of heat and humidity from the body can be a sticky dilemma. Argo’s highly breathable mesh design allows air, body heat and water vapor to pass through the seat and backrest to keep you fresh, cool and dry. Experience the most comfortable and weightless seat during a long-term gaming session.
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Totalmente ajustable

Ajuste fácilmente la altura, la inclinación y la profundidad de deslizamiento del asiento utilizando el sistema de control de cable mediante su palanca integrada. El reposacabezas y los apoyabrazos de Argo, también son ajustables para que pueda encontrar fácilmente su postura más cómoda y preferida.

Respaldo flexiblemente reclinable

El reposacabezas es ajustable

Asiento deslizante

Apoyabrazos ajustables en 3D 

Dynamic lumbar Support Design

Argo’s dynamic design can fully handle lumbar back support to ease pain and fatigue during long term gaming sessions.

Diseño de soporte lumbar dinámico

El diseño dinámico de Argo, puede manejar completamente el soporte de la espalda lumbar para aliviar el dolor y la fatiga durante las sesiones de juego de larga duración.

Dynamic lumbar Support Design

Argo’s dynamic design can fully handle lumbar back support to ease pain and fatigue during long term gaming sessions.

Cuero PVC respirable  

Sistema de control de cable  

Ruedas robustas giratorias de 3″ para mejorar la estabilidad

Base de aleación de aluminio de 5 estrellas

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Awards & Reviews

"When I first try out a chair with a recline, I take it really slowly, so as not to damage anything. As I leaned back further and further, I found myself impressed with the smoothness of the action. Just as I thought to myself "Wow, this reclines really far," the chair kept on reclining… and didn't stop until I found myself with my feet in the air and the back of the chair on the ground…"

"Once the assembly was completed, I was finally able to gain the full picture. Thanks to the steel frame the chassis of the chair felt very sturdy with little to no wobbling. There were really no issues with fit or finish, which speaks well to Cougars quality control…"

“The Cougar Argo Gaming Chair is one of the most comfortable chairs I've had the pleasure of using. The vented mesh on the seat and upper back allow for extended use without feeling too warm over time, and the adjustments allow you to custom tailor the chair to fit your needs! Ergonomics are largely the focus here, but the playful angles and features give the Argo a unique gamer-oriented appearance…”

“…the Cougar Argo gets right down to the basics. So, while it might not have some snazzy design you can show off on Twitch, RGB lighting or even cup holders, it deserves a place among the best gaming chairs on the market…”


"10 out of 10 score"

Juan Isaacs Argo

Juan Isaacs Argo review

Review completo realizado por Juan Isaacs de Chile. Un review y unboxing muy completo de su armado con el toque y tomas características de Juan.


Product Name COUGAR Argo Ergonomic Gaming Chair
Weight Capacity 150 kg (330.7 lb)
Product Weight 25 kg (55.11 lb)

Datos de embalaje


Product Number (P/N) 3MERGOCH.0001 3MERGOCB.0001
EAN CODE 4710483770425 4710483770432
UPC CODE 192554001845 192554001852
JAN CODE 4541995034411 4541995034428
Individual Size W/O Packaging Weight (N.Weight) 25 (kg)
Individual Packaging Weight (G.Weight) 29.5 (kg)
Individual Size W/O Packaging (WxHxD) 730 x 700 x 1370(mm)
Individual Packaging Size (WxHxD) 750 x 680 x 390 (mm)