The Gamer’s Ultimate Weapon

With Cherry switches, a 1ms response time and customizable backlight as well as a Protective magnetic cover, COUGAR PURI TKL is a highly portable advanced tool for gamers that excels at FPS competitive gaming.


Información General

Cherry MX Mechanical Switches

The original mechanical switches from Germany are also the best on the market. With 50 million activations per switch of guaranteed flawless performance, Cherry switches bring you the response and reliability you want.

Magnetic Protective Cover

No cloth or mesh pouches here: to truly Protect your keyboard both at home and on the go, you need (and we are happy to give you!) a solid cover. PURI TKL’s magnetically attached cover will Protect it from water spills, bread crumbs or pressure when travelling.


Backlight Effects (20 Preset + 10 Customizable)

Simple and elegant, PURI TKL’s backlight functionality gives you all you need. Start enjoying twenty preset modes that cover the most commonly needed patterns (uniform, wave, breathing, etc.) and ten modes for you to customize!

Ultra-Compact Tenkeyless Design

With all the features you need and taking the minimal amount of desktop real estate, PURI TKL is comfortable, sturdy and stable. This compact design is also perfect for bringing it with you to LAN parties, friends’ homes and essentially anywhere you might want to enjoy gaming with your mechanical keyboard.

Detachable Cable for Enhanced Portability

This convenient feature allows you to remove the cable when travelling with your keyboard, Protecting both the keyboard and the cable and improving its portability.

Cable Management System

Keep PURI TKL’s cable where you want it, preventing it from interfering with your hand or mouse’s movements.


3-Step Height and Angle Adjustment

The ability to choose one of three different heights/angles for the keyboard helps you optimize your performance.


N-Key Rollover directamente en modo USB, sin necesidad de adaptador PS/2 a USB. Esto te proporciona la posibilidad de presionar un número ilimitado de teclas y obtener siempre resultados precisos.

Multimedia and Function Key Shortcuts
For your convenience, several handy function shortcuts have been predefined. Save time and focus on the game!

Premios y Análisis


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"Cougar’s Puri TKL is a perfect storm of simplicity and function..."

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Legit Reviews

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Nombre del producto PURI TKL Teclado Mecánico para Juegos
Interruptores de las teclas Cherry MX (interruptores mecánicos)
N-key rollover Sí (Soporte en modo USB)
Key Backlight White LED
Tipos de juego recomendados FPS/MMORPG/MOBA/RTS
Ratio de refresco 1000Hz / 1ms
Materiales Steel/Plastic
Interfaz conector USB
Magnetic Protective Cover
Longitud del cable 1.8m Trenzado
Detachable Cable
Dimensiones 150(L) X 370(W) X 40(H) mm
Peso 1.2kg (2.64 libras)

Requisitos de Sistema

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10