COUGAR Full Tower


COUGAR 700M EVO - Ratón láser para juegos

700M EVO

    The final evolution of the gaming mouse world’s alpha predator. Taking all the customization, ergonomics and extended functionality that made 700M a winner, 700M EVO brings in a robust new optical sensor (Pixart PMW3389), further ergonomic enhancements and a new look to rule the online arenas.
COUGAR 700M eSPORTS - Ratón láser para juegos


    COUGAR 700M eSPORTS delivers a unique combination of lightweight structure and metal durability that sets it apart from ordinary mice. With customization capabilities and a unique design, it truly stands above the crowd.
COUGAR Full Tower


COUGAR REVENGER ST - Ratón Óptico para Juegos


    This mouse is an ideal entry into the world of pro-level gaming. With an accurate sensor, full functionality customization, and powerful lighting, Revenger ST brings you everything you expect in a gaming mouse.
COUGAR REVENGER S- Ratón Óptico para Juegos


    Con un sensor óptico de 12000 DPI que está listo para el juego en 4K, la ratio de refresco más rápida del mundo y una forma altamente ergonómica, este ratón es exactamente lo que necesitas para dominar los campos de batalla online.
COUGAR REVENGER - Ratón Óptico para Juegos


    Revenger is an award-winning, incredibly comfortable right-hand ergonomic gaming mouse equipped with the reputed PMW3360 optical sensor. Comprehensively designed to give you every competitive advantage!
COUGAR MINOS XT - Ratón Óptico para Juegos


    Minos XT is a nimble and powerful gaming mouse, ideal for those who enjoy an agile gaming experience.
COUGAR MINOS X2 - Ratón Óptico para Juegos


    Minos X2 is an ideal mouse to join the world of online gaming. With a three-zone backlight system, easy customization and a comfortable and attractive design, no mouse will give you better value.
COUGAR MINOS X3 - Ratón Óptico para Juegos


    Minos X3 is a high-precision FPS gaming mouse designed for professional-level competition. With performance customization, a powerful backlight and an ergonomic design, this plug-and-play mouse is as powerful as easy to use.
COUGAR MINOS X5 - Ratón Óptico para Juegos


    COUGAR MINOS X5 es la culminación de la respetada línea de ratones para juegos MINOS, esta vez equipada con el sensor de juegos definitivo: el PMW 3360. Combinando la forma única de sus predecesores con las capacidades más avanzadas del mercado, esta enorme mejora lleva este diseño, respetado y querido por miles de gamers, a un nuevo nivel de precisión.
COUGAR SURPASSION RX - Ratón Óptico para Juegos


    With Surpassion RX, we have done what many thought to be impossible: we have merged a wired gaming mouse’s accuracy and reliability with the freedom of a wireless gaming mouse. See and believe.
COUGAR SURPASSION ST - Ratón Óptico para Juegos


    Surpassion ST is a perfect tool for entering the world of online first-person shooters. Get one now and show the world what you’re made of!
COUGAR SURPASSION- Ratón Óptico para Juegos


    Surpassion is a glorious new addition to the COUGAR range gaming mice. With a refined shape, an accurate sensor, high-quality components and an innovative on-board LCD screen to adjust key parameters, it is a brilliant choice for any gamer.
COUGAR 450M - Ratón Óptico para Juegos


    450M is the most powerful COUGAR ambidextrous mouse ever created. With an advanced optical sensor, full customization and lots of buttons, this is a good mouse for literally every gamer.