Hot New Products

Building on COUGAR’s years of experience in analog audio development, Immersa Essential is the over-ear headset built for the balance between sound quality and lightweight design. The enhanced chamber and large 9.7mm microphone provide high-fidelity quality for true acoustic transmission. It’s time to Immerse yourself!
DualBlader features a fully customizable ergonomic and adjustable arched palm rest with the evolutionary DYNASTRUT design, providing height adjustment and two deployment settings (claw / palm grip). Meanwhile, DualBlader provides two sets of interchangeable side grips (large / small), four detachable buttons and two size of palm rests. Gamers could use those components to create the best setting what they need or fit.
MX670 RGB is a premium mid tower case features sleek design and tempered glass left panel. The front and top panels are made of aluminum alloys, which shows perfect combination of visual effects, doughty style, and sturdy quality. With three included ARGB fans and an LED strip, the amazing light creates visually impressive RGB shows. It also has excellent cooling performance and superior expandability for high-end hardware and storage devices. MX670 RGB is the most ideal and valuable case for PC enthusiasts and professionals.
MX660 Mesh RGB-L is an upgraded mid-tower case, which continues COUGAR’s iconic style. The massive mesh front panel with folding angles provides better air flow performance. With three ARGB fans and a crystal clear tempered glass left panel, you are freely to create a clear view of your computer’s internal components.
COUGAR VTE X2 ARGB series is high-quality 80 Plus Bronze certified with flawless power delivery and varied lighting effects. With its efficiency, durability, silence, and amazing streamer, it will be the best choice for those looking for a high-value and reliable power supply.
COUGAR GEX1050 is a high-quality 80Plus Gold certified PSU with flawless power delivery at 40°C environments. Efficient, silent and durable, GEX1050 is the best answer for those looking for the best value in PSU.
COUGAR GEC series is high-quality 80Plus 230V EU Gold certified with superior power delivery, efficiency, silence and durability. It will be a reliable PSU for those who are looking for the best gaming experience.
COUGAR Outrider S has been designed for those who want not only superb comfort but also a set of passionate features that bring their gaming experience to a new level. With premium PVC leather, a high-density foam cushions and a unique honeycomb pattern, Outrider S is designed for posture-perfect hardcore gaming.
As a new generation of esports keyboards, VANTAR AX BLACK has a sophisticated aluminum appearance with a variety of RGB light effects. It’s equipped with slick scissor-switches that brings users a superior response for a great gaming user experience.
COUGAR VORTEX VX120 high-performance cooling fan not only provides the ultimate ARGB lighting effects for your chassis but also improves the cooling effect efficiently. There is no doubt that VX120 is definitely the best part of ARGB gaming PC system.
AURIC is the first high-quality ARGB PSU of COUGAR which is 80-Plus Gold certified and provides all tough strengths that a high-end PSU needs. And it also supports different lighting modes and synchronization with compatible RGB motherboard brands, the 0-db mode will get a optimal balance between noise and performance. With these strengths the AURIC can meet and even exceed the demanding specification of gaming user.
Phontum Pro Prix brings you premium audio quality with native USB transmission for establishing high-fidelity sounds. The newest earpads are equipped with comfortable cooling gel and breathable fabrics for decent temperature control and long-time gaming.
COUGAR VTK series is a decent PSU with Bronze efficiency certified with flawless power delivery. The extreme reliability and low acoustic sound, it is the nicest choice for building up the gaming system.
COUGAR Explore S gaming chair perfectly meets the needs of professional gamers with a combination of comfort and durability. The high density mold shaping foam, steel frame, metal base, reclining backrest, perforated premium PVC leather, delicate embroidery as well as ergonomic-designed armrest easily have you find your most comfortable position. Come and explore the game and greet every battle to win!
MX440-G RGB’s design has continued COUGAR’s iconic sturdy and solid style. With included three ARGB fans, the tempered glass front panel showcases stunning lighting view. Besides, it has wide and powerful interior spaces, which allows you to have hardware expandability, high cooling performance, and abundant storage space.
As a new generation of esports keyboards, VANTAR AX PINK has a sophisticated aluminum appearance with a variety of RGB light effects. It’s equipped with slick scissor-switches that brings users a superior response for a great gaming user experience.
VM410 is the over-ear headset equipped with premium audio and innovative structural design. The large 53mm graphene diaphragm drivers create a vibrant frequency and a focus on true sound pick-up with the 9.7mm microphone. The innovative metal junction allows for triple adjustments for optimal ergonomics and lightweight comfort. The Cougar VM410 will immerse you in every game session.
COUGAR VTE series is high-quality 80 PLUS Bronze certified with flawless power delivery, efficiency, silence and durability. It is the best choice for those who are looking for a high value and reliable power supply.
Gemini T Pro is not different. It’s better. This new case from COUGAR breaks conventions with an intelligent design that combines performance and innovation in a gorgeous ARGB-lit package with vertical GPU support.
The XTC ARGB is the first power supply with RGB lighting of COUGAR . It keeps providing stable and reliable performance and now you can also have a nice experience with colorful ARGB effects.
HX330 is the over-ear headset built for lightweight comfort. Its large 9.7mm microphone provides studio quality input frequency with clear and bright sound. The COUGAR HX330 brings you the finest team gaming performance; your teammate may think you’re sitting next to right next to them!