Portable and Powerful: COUGAR simplifies gamers transportation with DUST 2 Mini ITX case. Just grab your rig and go!

Tainan, Taiwan, October 28th, 2021COUGAR, the leading brand in the development of PC gaming hardware and peripherals, launched DUST 2 Powerful Mini ITX case.

Compact and powerful gaming case, DUST 2 Mini ITX meets the needs of traveling gamers and LAN partygoers. Whether it’s moving gear to the living room or crossing cities, Mini-ITX carry handles make it lighter to pick up, transport and rotate.

With optimal compatibility comes durability and robustness: the front and back panels are anodized aluminum with a sandblasted finish. Dust 2 also supports the latest Mini ITX motherboards on the market and outperforms other mini ITX PC when it comes to the power supply. You get an opportunity to build more compact gaming gear without compromising on your efficiency.

The excellent cooling solution — the best for this product category — can support a 280mm water cooling radiator and is paired with advanced airflow paths. Both systems provide a reliable defense against overheating.

What makes it Portable and Powerful:

  • Sturdy and solid aluminum panels
  • Comfortable carry handles
  • Easy to pick up and move around
  • Independent ventilation zones
  • Support for a 280mm water cooling radiator
  • Support for RTX 30 Series GPU (up to 330mm) and standard ATX PSU (up to 160mm)
  • Separate airflow paths
  • Easy access to USB3.1 Gen-2 Type-C connector
  • All high-speed connections possible
  • Impressive design

In contrast to traditional PC layouts gathering all the components at the same side, Dust 2 has divided them into two individual parts. GPU, CPU, and PSU have independent ventilation zones to effectively avoid thermal interference between each other.

Dust 2 comes with mesh side panels to bring maximum airflow. The divided layout creates two unobstructed airflow paths from side intake to top exhaust. GPU, CPU, and PSU have separate cooling solutions, which helps you to protect critical components from overheating.

Availability, Warranty and Pricing

The COUGAR DUST 2 Mini ITX case is available for purchase in the USA starting in November.

The DUST 2 is available in three different colors to match any setup:

  • Desert Sand
  • Iron Gray
  • Space Silver


For local availability in international markets as well as up-to-date pricing, feel free to ask our global distributors: http://cougargaming.com/wheretobuy/

The COUGAR DUST 2 is backed by one-year warranty and the COUGAR worldwide customer service and technical support network.

Useful Links:
For more information about the DUST 2 Powerful mini ITX case, please visit:
The product page: https://cougargaming.com/products/cases/dust-2/
The trailer video: COUGAR DUST 2 – The Portable and Powerful Mini-ITX case


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