COUGAR CFD series - Black HB Fan

CFD series

Black HB Fan

  • Powerful Cooling
  • Silent Cooling
  • Beautiful Cooling


COUGAR CFD series 120/140mm LED Fan


Strong. Silent.

The COUGAR CFD series provides you with a unique combination of features and materials that maximizes cooling and durability and minimizes sound, allowing you to enjoy your computer to the fullest while minimizing overheating risks.

COUGAR CFD series - Black HB FanCOUGAR CFD series

Rule Over Air

Same Size, Superior Cooling

COUGAR CFD series´ unique design is the key to significantly improving their cooling power, making them much more powerful than similarly sized fans.
The Dual-Layer Rigid Blades and their Diversion Claws generate a more powerful airflow while at the same time minimizing turbulence.
This guarantees a strong airflow that keeps your computer cool at all times.

Dual-Layer Rigid Blade Design
COUGAR CFD series - Rule Over Air
COUGAR Diversion Claws Design
COUGAR CFD series - Rule Over Air

Superior Silence

Play Without Noise

Every single part of the CFD fans' design has been created with noise minimization as one of its guiding principles.
The dual-layer rigid blade and diversion claws, apart from increasing the airflow, reduce turbulences and thus minimize sound.
The CFDs' Hydraulic-Bearing Technology and their Anti-Vibration Pad Design further reduce the noise,
enabling you to enjoy all the quality of your games' soundtrack without turning the fans off.

Hydraulic-Bearing Technology
COUGAR CFD series - Superior Silence
Powerful airflow & Extreme silence
COUGAR CFD series - Superior Silence

Fans are a key element of a computer build, and, if good, can incredibly enhance its visual attractiveness.

And if you use a closed case, you can still benefit from our silent cooling with the Black version without LED!

COUGAR CFD series - Black HB Fan


Model CF-D14HB CF-D12HB
Marketing Name CFD 140 Black HB Fan CFD 120 Black HB Fan
Dimensions 140 x 140 x 25mm 120 x 120 x 25mm
Speed 1000R.P.M 1200R.P.M
Airflow @ 12V (CFM, m3/h) 73.18 / 124.4 64.37 / 109.42
Air pressure @ 12V (mm H2O) 1.4 1.74
Noise 18dB(A) 16.6dB(A)
Bearing Type HB (Hydraulic-Bearing) HB (Hydraulic-Bearing)
Connector 3pin 3pin
Cable Length 450mm 450mm
Accessories 3 to 4pin adapter 3 to 4pin adapter
Tool-less fixed pins Tool-less fixed pins
Fan Screws Fan Screws
COUGAR CFD series - Specifications
COUGAR CFD series - Specifications

Safety Certification

COUGAR CFD series - Safety Certification


CFD Black HB Fan