E-STAR 120 / 140

Star Performer

The E-Star electric gaming desk is designed to optimize usable space. Featuring adjustable heights, memory presets, and an ergonomic design, the E-Star helps you stay healthy while your gaming experience stays stellar.


E-STAR 120

E-STAR 140

Independent monitor stand maximizes functional space.
Personalize preferred height settings with motorized adjustment featuring 2 memory presets.
Cable management tray and headset hanger keeps setup free of clutter.
Carbon fiber textured laminate improves surface durability.
Full desk mousepad ensures complete freedom of movement.

Maximum Usable Space

The verticality of the independent monitor stand makes the most out of functional space while a cable management tray and headset hanger frees the desktop from clutter, maximizing usable surface area.

Personalized Height Settings

The electric height adjustment featuring 2 memory presets enables you to find and save your perfect preferred height, whether sitting or standing. Minimizing fatigue leads to enhanced focus, getting you ready for the next round.


Height Adjustment


Memory Presets


Break Reminder

Textured Laminate

The carbon fiber-textured laminate gives the desk surface a sleek, modern look.

Textured Laminate

The carbon fiber-textured laminate gives the desk surface a sleek, modern look.

Full Desk Mousepad

The full-surface mousepad covers the entire desktop, ensuring full freedom of movement for your mouse.


  COUGAR E-STAR120 Electric Gaming Desk COUGAR E-STAR140 Electric Gaming Desk
Product Name E-STAR 120 Electric Gaming Desk E-STAR 140 Electric Gaming Desk
Desktop Dimension 1200 x 600 x 15 mm 1400 x 600 x 15 mm
Desktop Height Range 720~1170 mm 720~1170 mm
Full Desk Mouse Pad Yes Yes
Removable Monitor Stand Yes Yes
Shields for Transmission Shaft and Motor Yes Yes
Cable Tray for Easy Management Yes Yes
Headset Hook Yes Yes
Desktop Total Weight Capacity 60kg 60kg
Monitor Stand Independent
Weight Capacity (Included in Total)
15 kg 15 kg
E-STAR 120 E-STAR 140
Product Number (P/N) 3MSTA1WB.0001 3MSTA3WB.0001
Model No. CGR-E-STAR120 CGR-E-STAR140
EAN CODE 4710483777295 4710483777301
UPC CODE 192554007410 192554007427
JAN CODE 4541995038341 4541995038358
Individual Size W/O Packaging Weight (N.Weight) 22.5 (kg) 24 (kg)
Individual Packaging Weight (G.Weight) 27.5 (kg) 29 (kg)
Individual Size W/O Packaging (WxHxD) 1200 x 600 x 720-1170 (mm) 1400 x 600 x 720-1170 (mm)
Individual Packaging Size (WxHxD) 1070 x 752 x 160 (mm)