Regarding the COUGAR Revenger S and Minos X5’s 2000 Hz Polling Rate

Here at COUGAR we strive to produce important innovations that improve gamers’ experience, and our two new gaming mice’s 2000Hz polling rate is a clear example of this. In order to provide a smoother aiming experience and allow you to react as fast as your skill allows you to, COUGAR has halved the time these two FPS gaming mice need to respond.

As could be expected, such an advanced feature has generated many questions, and COUGAR, in compliance with our policy of openness, is happy to provide all the answers.

1. What does “2000Hz Polling Rate” mean?
This means, in short, that every second the mouse delivers 2000 updates with information about the user’s input to the computer. To put it in another way: when using Minos X5 or Revenger S in the 2000Hz mode, every half a millisecond the computer will receive updated information regarding what you’re doing with the mouse (clicking, moving it, etc.)

2. How can the “2000Hz Polling Rate” be measured?
To get a bit more scientific, the specific tools which can be used to accurately measure the polling rate are the following (don’t do this at home unless you don’t mind voiding the warranty, though!):

  • A Minos X5 (or Revenger S) gaming mouse opened.
  • A Perytech Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) to measure the sensor’s activity and the frequency with which it sends updated information to the computer.
  • We use the MSO’s software to follow the frequency with which the sensor is sending information:
    The picture below is essentially the data output from the MSO when connected to a Minos X5 in 2000Hz mode. To further clarify this the number marked in red (480.175μs, roughly 0.5 milliseconds, which means 2000 reports in a second) is the time that lapses in a reporting cycle from one of the sensor’s reports to the computer to the next one. This is an example of the 2000 Hz functionality. The mouse accumulates input information (tracking, mouse clicks, etc.) and sends it to your PC in 0.5 millisecond intervals.

    3. What benefits does the 2000 Hz Polling Rate bring to the user?
    While 1000 Hz is certainly a good performance level for most situations, the quickest of gamers do now and then find a situation in which the mouse just can’t keep with their reaction speed. To address this, COUGAR combined in these two mice an advanced sensor (the Pixart PMW3360) and the 2000Hz Polling Rate feature. These give you an enhanced control over in-game actions and allow you to move with improved smoothness and twice the reaction speed. While it’s true that not everybody reaches the skill and speed levels required to benefit from this feature, it has been included to make sure even the world’s most demanding gamers can reach their full potential.