Optical Gaming Mouse

Impressive comfort, a right-hand ergonomic form factor with an Esports-grade sensor and full functionality customization. Great for any gamer.


COUGAR 550M Gaming Mouse

Let’s get this straight: If you engage in online gaming or are interested in it, if you love serious gaming and need appropriate gaming gear, 550M is what you’re looking for. COUGAR 550M is the best professional level gaming mouse. Let us tell you why.

Born for Gaming

COUGAR 550M becomes one with your hand and allows you to unleash your full power. This gaming mouse’s design is based on sound ergonomics, and goes a step further from mere comfort: it helps you enhance your control of the mouse. COUGAR 550M, the best gaming mouse that brings you the best ergonomic design.

A World of Functions

COUGAR 550M brings you all the functionality you will ever need for gaming. Its six buttons allow you to access, using only the mouse, up to 21 different functions, including macros, shortcuts and more. With carefully located buttons, including the distinctive Trigger Button, using all this extended functionality will become natural, almost instinctive. All this goes a step further with UIX System. COUGAR’s gaming device management System allows you to easily and intuitively manage all this power. COUGAR 550M’s 512 Kb internal memory will allow you to store up to three full configuration profiles and bring them with you anywhere you go.

1 Hand 21 Functions

6 Fully Configurable Buttons. A World of Functions.
The six buttons located in carefully selected areas of the mouse and the three configuration Profiles the mouse can store on-board allow you to access up to 21 functions with a single hand.
All the power you need.

Deadly Precise

COUGAR 550M’s SDNS-3988 sensor provides you with the precision you need to reach the top of the competitive gaming food chain, Providing always the right level for each user. Besides, the 1000 Hz polling rate and 1ms response time ensure an instant response to your commands. In short, 550M will be as quick and precise as you can be.
SDNS-3988 Optical gaming sensor 6400 DPI


Maximum Tracking Speed

200 IPS

Polling Rate


COUGAR UIX™ Device Management System

+ Internal Memory

Configure a myriad of functions intuitively and bring them with you.
Set the functionality of all the buttons, assign pictures to profiles for graphical recognition, store macros and share them, all with a very convenient and intuitive interface. The 550M´s internal memory will then allow you to bring up to three full configuration profiles anywhere you go.

Real Gaming Design

The COUGAR 550M’s design adapts optimally to gamers’ hands. For every gamer, comfort is a crucial aspect of a mouse: If you don’t feel good, you cannot unleash all your potential. 550M is here to become the best support for your gaming career.


OMRON Micro Switches
The main buttons’ OMRON Switches provide total accuracy and an incredibly long life; this mouse is going to serve you well for a long time.
Gaming-grade Scroll Wheel
Accuracy and clear tactile feedback: a perfect solution for gaming.
Braided Cable
A solid, reliable braided cable enhances your gaming mouse’s durability.
Programmable Trigger Button
This ergonomically designed button is located on the rear of the wheel. It allows you to access an extra function almost instantaneously with a quick finger movement.
Anti-slip Flanks
No matter how intense a gaming session is, you usually don’t want to launch your mouse with a fast movement. 550M’s Anti-Slip Flanks help you get a more stable grip.
Premium Pro-gaming Surface
Enhanced comfort and stability for gaming.
1000Hz Polling Rate/1ms Response Time
1000Hz Polling Rate: Absolute control, amazing response time. No control lag. Only victory.
3-stage DPI LED Display
550M’s 3-Stage DPI LED allows you to know instantly the DPI level you are using, without needing to move the mouse around to check its sensitivity.
Multi-colour Backlight System (2 Zone RGB)
The palm backlight and the 3-Stage DPI LED indicator are both RGB backlight Systems that work independently and which can be used to know always which configuration Profile you’re currently using.

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product Name COUGAR 550M Gaming Mouse
Sensor SDNS-3988 Optical Gaming Sensor
Resolution 50-6400 DPI
32-bit ARM Processor YES
Polling Rate 1000Hz Polling Rate/1ms Response Time
On-board Memory 512KB
Software COUGAR UIX™ System
Programmable Buttons 6
Switching OMRON gaming switches
Profile LED Backlight 2 Zones 16.8 million colours
Frame Rate 12500 FPS
Maximum Tracking Speed 200 IPS
Maximum Acceleration 50 G
Interface Golden-plated USB plug
Cable Length 1.8m Braided
Dimension 135(L) X 70(W) X 45(H) mm
5.31(L) X 2.76(W) X 1.77(H) in
Weight 115g (0.25lbs)

System Requirements

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10




COUGAR 550M Metallic Blue

COUGAR 550M Iron-Grey