Digital Power Supply


Digital Power Supply

COUGAR is bringing to the market a wholly new generation of power supply units, and its first member is COUGAR CMD Digital Power Supply Unit.With CMD, the PSU stops being only a cold metal box inside your case and becomes a fully functional power control centre for your PC.
understand the status of your PC’s components, and allows you to customize their behaviour.


The COUGAR UIX™ System keeps lifelong records of power data in easily understandable graphs for the user to review and share.


Visualize the temperature and usage of each PC component and control fan speed to minimize fan sound while you keep the temperature under control.


The COUGAR UIX software for CMD provides you with easy and convenient access to key information about the power supply of your System, including efficiency results, CPU temperature status, voltages with current status, input/output power wattage, external fan speed modes and thermal sensor rating.

4.Two Case Fans

COUGAR CMD’S series can control the speed of two extra case Fans via the COUGAR UIX™ System.

5.TSR Sensor

With the CMD’s TSR sensor you can monitor an extra location anywhere in your computer, to allow you to keep everything under total control.

6.Flat & Modular Cables

The aerodynamic design of CMD’s cables helps you in building a cooling-friendly computer. Their unique shape reduces air friction optimizes the airflow and makes the installation simpler.

Real Performance in Real Time

With CMD series, the performance data you get is accurate and in real time, allowing you to know what is happening in every moment and to act promptly if there is any problem: real data in real time.



80 PLUS® Bronze certified: provides up to 88% efficiency. Less Cost, Less Heat, fewer problems.

Operating Temperature


The PSU is designed to operate at 40℃ environmental temperature. Apart from the temperatures of the key components, CMD’s TSR Sensor also helps you to Check the temperature of any part of your PC.

Extra Case Fans

2CASE Fans

This PSU supports (not included) up to two case fans connected to it and allows the user to adjust their speed through the COUGAR UIX softwar

Complete fan Monitoring and Optimization

CMD brings your computer a step higher on the sophistication ladder.
The two additional fans will allow you to fine-tune your computer’s internal temperature by adjusting their speed.

Power and Cooling Control

Getting information is good, but being able to act on it is even better.
The CMD series allows you to adjust the voltage of your computer’s Power Supply and the speed of the two extra fans it supports.

Unified UIX Interface

UIX provides a holistic information System with a user-friendly interface.
COUGAR UIX™ System, with the same interface you use to configure your COUGAR gaming peripherals,
allows you to monitor all the power and temperature information and benefit from all of CMD’s functions.

The RGB Crystalline Titan

Much, Much More

2 Extra Case Fans
CMD supports (not included) up to two extra case fans (standard fans with 3-pin connectors) and allows you to control their speed.
TSR Sensor
CMD is able to accurately detect the temperature of any location in your case thanks to its 10K thermistor and its flexible cable’s 50 cm length. Accurate and flexible monitoring!
Lifelong Log
Keep your information for as long as you want and go back to it later to see how your System performs. Get a better understanding of your System.

Operating Conditions

High Efficiency

80 PLUS® BRONZE certified, up to 88% efficiency. Less consumption cost, less heat, fewer problems.

Super Silent, Long Lifespan

Fan speed automatically regulated according to temperature, minimizing sound and avoiding overheating.


Model Name AC Input DC output
+3.3V +5V +12V1 -12V +5Vsb Total
CMD 500
CGR R-500
24A 20A 40A 0.3A 3A 500W
120W 480W
CMD 600
CGR R-600
24A 20A 49A 0.3A 3A 600W
130W 588W
Connector Main CPU Peripherals S-ATA PCI-E
Pin 24(20+4) Pins 8(4+4) Pins
8 Pins
4 Pins 5 Pins 8(6+2) Pins
CMD 500 1 1 3 5 2
CMD 600 1 1 3 6 2

Safety & Certification