The Case You Need

Space for a high-end build, convenient installation and an elegant design with a big tempered glass meet in this wonderful case.


A Window to Glory

A brushed frontal texture complements MX340’s black body to create a design that makes it a worthy heir of the COUGAR line of MX cases. The tempered glass panel on its left side allows you to see your computer’s components and gives you an excellent opportunity to install RGB strips and other lighting devices that will make your case overflow with light.

Ready for the Newest Games

MX340 is more than looks; it can house a full-fledged high-end gaming computer with a graphics card up to 330 mm and support for six fans and a 360mm water cooling radiator you’ll get all the horsepower you need to run the latest games and the cooling your components require.


MX340’s 205mm width ensures there will be plenty of room in the case. This extra space makes installation of components more comfortable and improves the internal airflow. Additionally, the two air filters (top and bottom) can be easily removed to clean them and prevent dust accumulation.

Excellent Cooling

With the possibility of installing up to two water cooling radiators and six fans, MX340 allows you to protect your computer’s most important components from overheating.

Water cooling radiator support
Air cooling support​


Nome do modelo MX340
Tipo de Gabinete Mid-Torre
Dimensões (Largura x Altura x Profundidade) 208 x 450 x 405 (mm)
8.18 x 17.71 x 15.94 (in)
Tipo de motherboard Mini ITX / Micro ATX / ATX
Compartimento de 3,5" 2
Compartimento de 2,5" 2
Panel I/O USB3.0 x 1 / USB2.0 x 2 , Mic x 1 , Audio x 1
ENCONTRE O VENTILADOR IDEAL sistema Parte frontal 120mm x 3
Parte superior 120mm x 2 / 140mm x 2
Parte de trás 1 Ventilador de 120mm (pré-instalado)
Suporte para refrigeração líquida Parte frontal 360mm / 240mm / 120mm
Parte de trás 120mm
Sistema de gestão de cabos Sim
Slots de expansão 7
Comprimento máximo da placa gráfica 330 (mm) / 12.99 (in)
(Horizontal graphics card slots are compatible with RTX 3090/3080/3070.)
Comprimento máximo do cooler do CPU 160 (mm) / 6.29 (in)
Fonte de alimentação Standard ATX PS2
Comprimento máximo da Fonte de alimentação 180 (mm) / 7.1 (in)