Military-Industrial Design Mid-Tower

COUGAR Panzer has been designed to embody everything a gaming case should be. It follows the original design elements of the Panzer Max to create a slender design that includes two fully transparent tempered glass side panels, support for up to four radiators, eight fans, and three graphics cards with a max length of 425mm. What else could one ask for?

A Window to the Heart of Your PC

In modern gaming PCs, aesthetics are every bit as important as functionality. High-end graphics cards, SSDs, memory, and other state-of-the-art components are not only powerful; they’re also a pleasure to look at. To help you fully enjoy your investment, Panzer sports two full-size tempered glass panels that give you complete visibility of its interior.

Lots of Space, Lots of Choices

COUGAR Panzer gives you the room to choose among the most popular motherboard formats (Mini ITX/Micro ATX/ATX/CEB), allowing you to move your existing computer into it or choose the best parts for your next build.

Seven expansion slots will allow you to install up to three graphics cards (with a length of up to 425mm) and enjoy the latest games. 4K resolution and VR are possible with Panzer!

Lots of games and multimedia files require storage, and Panzer delivers what you need. With support for up to six SSD drives (or optionally four SSD and two 3.5” HDD), Panzer will allow you to store all your files.

Plenty of Cooling

Up to four radiators and eight fans will cool your gaming beast, whose mesh front and top covers allow air to enter seamlessly. Build the mightiest computer you can without thinking about overheating!

Water cooling radiator support
Air cooling support​

Clean Design for Storage

Steel HDD/SSD trays are placed behind the motherboard tray without disrupting the airflow or interfering with the radiator cooling.

Superb Design

A unique design of military inspiration with a protruding external frame and mesh front and top covers that gives you a complete interior view thanks to its tempered glass side panels, Panzer leaves a lasting impression.


Military-Inspired Attractive and Strong Frames
Power Supply Cover for a Cleaner Build
Fully Transparent Tempered Glass Side Panels
Four USB Ports (Including Two USB 3.0 Ports)
Mesh Front and Top Panels
Steel HDD/SSD Trays Cleanly Placed Behind the Motherboard Tray

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LED Fans version


Nome do modelo PANZER PANZER - S
Tipo de Gabinete Mid-Torre Mid-Torre
Dimensões (Largura x Altura x Profundidade) 208 x 565 x 520 (mm)
8.18 x 22.24 x 20.47 (in)
208 x 565 x 520 (mm)
8.18 x 22.24 x 20.47 (in)
Tipo de motherboard Mini ITX / Micro ATX / ATX / CEB Mini ITX / Micro ATX / ATX / CEB
Compartimento de 3,5" 2 2
Compartimento de 2,5" 4+2 (convertido desde um 4+2 (convertido desde um
Panel I/O USB3.0 x 2/USB2.0 x 2
Mic x 1/Audio x 1
USB3.0 x 2/USB2.0 x 2
Mic x 1/Audio x 1
Máximo De Ventiladores 8 Máx. 8 Máx.
Encontre O Ventilador Ideal sistema Parte frontal 120mm x 3 /
140mm x 2
Red LED 120mm x 3 (pré-instalado) /
140mm x 2
Parte superior 120mm x 3 / 140mm x 2 120mm x 3 / 140mm x 2
Parte de trás 120mm x 1 (pré-instalado) 120mm x 1
Parte inferior 120mm x1 120mm x1
Suporte para refrigeração líquida Parte frontal 360mm / 240mm / 120mm 360mm / 240mm / 120mm
Parte superior 360mm / 240mm / 120mm 360mm / 240mm / 120mm
Parte de trás 120mm 120mm
Parte inferior 120mm 120mm
Slots de expansão 7 7
Comprimento máximo da placa gráfica 425 (mm) (400mm with Front Fans Installed)
16.73 (in) (15.74 Inch with frontal fans installed)
* Horizontal graphics card slots are compatible with
RTX 3090/3080/3070.
425 (mm) (400mm with Front Fans Installed)
16.73 (in) (15.74 Inch with frontal fans installed)
* Horizontal graphics card slots are compatible with
RTX 3090/3080/3070.
Comprimento máximo do cooler do CPU 160 (mm) / 6.29 (in) 160 (mm) / 6.29 (in)
Fonte de alimentação Standard ATX PS2 Standard ATX PS2
Comprimento máximo da Fonte de alimentação 220 (mm) / 8.7 (in) 220 (mm) / 8.7 (in)
Sistema de gestão de cabos Sim Sim