Attack X3 RGB


Cherry MX RGB Backlit Teclado Mecânico para Jogos

Attack X3 RGB Speedy is the keyboard for those who value fast responsiveness above anything else. Equipped with the new Cherry MX Silver Switches, this keyboard allows you to minimize the time between your decision to press a key and the time it is activated. Ideal for competitive gamers, this keyboard packs all the great features of the standard Attack X3 RGB to make it one of the most powerful pieces of gaming gear ever created.

Informação Geral

Lightning Activation

The secret of Attack X3 RGB Speedy’s incredible response lies in two key aspects of its design: The new generation Cherry MX Silver switches and its 1000 Hz polling rate with response times of 1ms. These two features work together to make sure that your instructions are sent to your computer as soon as you want it. The switches’ 1.2mm actuation point, the shortest among all the existing Cherry MX switches, allows them to register your input with a total travel distance of 3.4mm. If high input speed is vital for you, this is your keyboard.

RGB Backlight Meets aluminium: A Glorious colour Performance

With nine powerful preset lighting effects, you will enjoy Attack X3 RGB’s spectacular backlights right upon plugging it in. Control easily and switch easily the backlight effects on the fly with this keyboard’s convenient shortcut keys.
In case this wasn’t enough, you can create your own backlight effects through the COUGAR UIX System to create your own, unique, gaming atmosphere. Unleash your creativity!
Attack X3 RGB Speedy’s aluminium front plate combines elegance and durability to create an impressive face for this powerful gaming weapon. It doesn’t stop there: the RGB backlight reflects on the aluminium to create a glorious visual effect that will transform your gaming experience!

N-Key Rollover: Unlimited Accuracy

Games quite often require complex key combinations. Most keyboards on the market have limitations regarding the number of simultaneous keys you can press, with the vast majority being limited to 6 simultaneous keys or less. Attack X3 RGB frees you from any restriction, allowing you to press any number of keys and always obtain accurate results!

FPS Palm Rest

Gain comfort and improve your performance. Specially designed for FPS (but useful as well for other game genres) this detachable rubber palm support provides a strong grip and just the right height to effortlessly keep your hand in place when you game, in the right position to access the WASD, jump, crouch and weapon/skill keys.


Convenient and intuitive, UIX allows you to easily configure backlight effects, functionality (including macros and shortcuts) and performance. Get the most out of your device with the ultimate gaming device management software!

Define a funcionalidade de todos os botões, atribuir imagens para perfis de reconhecimento gráfico, armazenar e compartilhar macros, todos com uma interface muito conveniente e intuitiva. A memória interna do ATTACK X3 RGB permitirá a você levar até 3 perfis de configuração completas em qualquer lugar que você for.



A memória on-board permite armazenar até 3 perfis de configuração completas sobre o próprio teclado. Isto permite-lhe preservar a configuração mesmo se você levar o seu teclado para outro computador.

Up to 30 Macros
Attack X3 RGB’s on-board memory will allow you to record up to 30 macros and bring them anywhere you go!
Media Shortcut Keys

Controle intantáneo sobre a sua música e vídeos


COUGAR Attack X3 RGB’s 1000 Hz polling rate brings you a 1ms response time.

Pés de borracha antiderrapante

A base do teclado permanece estável mesmo durante sessões de jogos intensos.


Convenientes combinações de teclas lhe permitiram trocar fácilmente de modo de configuração no teclado.

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Nome do produto Attack X3 RGB Speedy Teclado Mecânico para Jogos
Interruptores das teclas Cherry MX (interruptores mecânicos)
N-key rollover Sim (Suporte em modo USB)
Retroiluminação em todas as teclas Sim (RGB, 16,8 milhões de cores)
Tipo de jogo recomendados FPS / MMORPG / MOBA / RTS
Memória Interna Sim
Taxa de sondagem 1000Hz / 1ms
Materiais Alumínio / Plástico
Interface Conector USB
Comprimento do cabo 1.8m Trançado
Dimensões 230(L) X 467(W) X 40(H) mm
Peso 1kg (2.20 libras)

Requisitos de Sistema

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10