Highly Comfortable Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Playing at night without disturbing anybody is possible thanks to Vantar’s quiet and comfortable scissor switches. With eight different lighting effects and lots of handy functions, this is a great keyboard for night gamers.

Informação Geral

A True Gaming Atmosphere

8-Effect Multicolour Backlight
With a backlit area far larger than that of most gaming keyboards, the eight different effects (including a customizable one) become a truly enjoyable experience that will enhance your gaming atmosphere.

Interruptores de tesoura

Aproxime-se da sua presa silenciosamente
Os interruptores de tesoura proporcionam uma resposta excelente a todos que querem um teclado para jogos silencioso com uma resposta de qualidade. Jogue às noites sem atrapalhar ninguém.

Accurate Response

Anti-Ghosting Technology
Vantar’s Anti-Ghosting technology will bring you accurate responses in multi-key commands.

Gaming Convenience

FN Key Shortcuts
Vantar’s key shortcuts will allow you to control media volume and playback, as well as other handy functions.

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Games Platform

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Nome do produto COUGAR VANTAR Teclado para jogos com interruptores de tesoura
Interruptores das teclas INTERRUPTORES DE TESOURA
Teclas Anti-Ghosting 19 teclas
Interface Conector USB
Dimensões 132(L) X 445(W) X 20(H)mm
5.20(L) x 17.52(W) x 0.79(H)in
Retroiluminação Eight Backlight Effects
Comprimento do cabo 1.6m
Peso 600g

Requisitos de Sistema

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10