Motherboard Compatibility

Did you purchase a COUGAR RGB cooling kit or fan? Congratulations! Irrespective of which model you choose, you’re in for one of the most amazing cooling experiences ever! Excellent cooling performance and bright, attractive lighting effects will bring your PC to the next level!

Our RGB cooling kits products’ addressable RGB LEDs can display a plethora of amazing lighting effects by themselves thanks to the COUGAR Core Box series (Core Box, Core Box v2, and Core Box C).

Your motherboard needs a 3-pin 5v addressable RGB header for synchronization to support synchronization with COUGAR’s addressable RGB products. Motherboards which only have 4-pin 12v RGB headers will not be able to synchronize with addressable RGB products.

Apart from this, addressable RGB  cooling products have certain requirements regarding the headers they can be connected to. The following header formats are supported:



Note: For Gigabyte motherboards, Core Box v2 includes an adaptor that allows for direct connection, but chain-linked fans from the first batch of Vortex RGB HPB 120 Cooling Kits can be used as well; the motherboard itself includes an adaptor too.

Note 2: Corsair motherboards are not supported.

Some Compatible Motherboards

A (still being expanded) list of compatible motherboards can be found here:

COUGAR RGB Cooling Devices: Motherboard Compatibility List

Do you have doubts regarding how to install your RGB cooling kit? Read this!