4-Way Lumbar Support lets you regulate the contour of the backrest to best fit your lumbar area. Both height and depth are fully adjustable, accommodating the natural curve of your lower back for maximum comfort and support.
The COUGAR Spettro is a Bluetooth® certified Wireless headset, equipped with the Active N. C., Noise Cancellation, and Ambient Amplification functions, allowing you to fit any incident you met. Moreover, the Wire 3.5mm connection keeps you playing with the lossless delay with entertaining EQ and a crystal clear microphone. Therefore, the Spettro is the headset for the gamer who is also indulging in lifestyle.
Experience lightweight comfort with the Dive over-ear gaming headset. Get fully immersed in your gaming experience with the Dive headset: the easy-fold mute design offers intuitive microphone control, while the enhanced 9.7mm microphone provides studio-quality input frequency for crystal-clear sound.
MX330-G Pro 中塔機箱具備良好通風及內部展示設計,滿版鐵網面板確保進氣流暢,左側採用全景鋼化玻璃,清晰展現裝機作品。此外,配備高速 Gen 2 Type-C 插孔,完美連接最新設備,最高支援360mm 水冷散熱器、385mm 顯示卡以及 160mm 空冷散熱器,為您帶來出色的性能與價值。
FUSION S 兼具電競與辦公椅兩用設計,適中的尺寸結構、人體工學設計與遊戲風格外觀,無論工作、休閒或娛樂時乘坐都感到舒適自在,白天提升工作效率,晚上強化遊戲戰力,一椅多用的最佳選擇!
挑戰長時間的遊戲也不再是問題,讓 Armor Elite 陪你一同打造舒適體驗。穩定、符合人體工學,並可調整高度及角度(包括 160º 可調整角度及高度調整),這是您在遊戲中最佳的座位!
Polar X2 通過 ATX 3.0規範中嚴格的四項動態峰值負載測試,其中瞬間峰值功耗必須承受在100μs的動態下,達到額定功率200%。
GEX X2 通過 ATX 3.0規範中嚴格的四項動態峰值負載測試,其中瞬間峰值功耗必須承受在100μs的動態下,達到額定功率200%。
COUGAR CYCLOPS 整合式視訊相機 集結全景相機、麥克風與揚聲器功能。全景相機允許捕捉廣角或聚焦畫面,延伸使用情境;雙向麥克風完美收錄不同成員的聲音細節;原聲揚聲器不僅清楚播放與會人聲,更讓你享受美妙音樂旋律體驗。
Through structural adjustment and precision tuning, MHP 120 ARGB fan is suitable for any cooling fan position inside the chassis. In addition, the metallic-reinforced motor hub & metallic bearing shell design drastically increases the stability and cooling performance. MHP 120 ARGB also provides various and colorful ARGB lighting effects for your chassis. It is the perfect choice for cooling fan upgrades!
COUGAR POSEIDON-LT ARGB is an all-in-one RGB liquid cooling series. It’s a perfect solution for gamers who requires powerful CPU cooling performance with outstanding ARGB visuals.
As a single tower air cooler for mid/high-level CPUs, Forza 85 Essential is paired with a high-performance fan, providing users with an optimum balance between ultra-silent operation and extremely cooling. Forza 85 Essential is absolutely built for most performance users. (minor overclock setting capable)
COUGAR 推出首款白金效能系列電源供應器 POLAR 1200 與 POLAR 1050,這是一款具備環保與高效特色的電源供應器,搭載 100% 日系電容,並採用LLC+DC-DC 電源輸出技術,於環境溫度 50°C 下依舊擁有最佳性能表現。
Forza 135 作為高階 CPU 使用的雙塔散熱,具備獨特的前蓋設計,搭配 COUGAR 兩款高性能風扇 MHP140-A 和 MHP120,在超靜音與和極致散熱之間取得最佳平衡, 是一款為專業使用者與玩家打造的塔散,強化系統不受限!
Airface Pro RGB是結合靈活設計、組裝便利性與卓越散熱性能於一身的中塔機箱。金屬網孔面板帶來暢通氣流及優異的散熱性能,這是Airface系列的最新力作,內部結構全面升級並採用巧妙的開放式設計。240mm寬體設計擁有比一般中塔機箱更加寬敞的空間,支援怪物級顯卡,還能容納9個風扇與190mm的CPU散熱器,帶給您超有感的散熱效能!
Duoface Pro RGB是結合靈活設計、組裝便利性與卓越散熱性能於一身的中塔機箱。配備兩款獨特的前面板,展現絢麗RGB燈效的鋼化玻璃面板,以及出色散熱氣流的金屬網孔面板,這是Duoface系列的最新力作,內部結構全面升級並採用巧妙的開放式設計。240mm寬體設計擁有比一般中塔機箱更加寬敞的空間,支援怪物級顯卡,還能容納9個風扇與190mm的CPU散熱器,帶給您超有感的散熱效能!
MX620 RGB is a stylish mid tower case features modern design and tempered glass left panel. The front panel has patterned air vents design, which shows perfect combination of visual effects, powerful airflow, and sturdy quality. With three included ARGB fans, the amazing light creates visually impressive RGB shows. It also has excellent cooling performance and superior expandability for high-end hardware and storage devices. MX620 RGB is the most ideal and valuable case for PC enthusiasts and professionals.
MX360 RGB面板採用極具吸引力又搶眼的獨特雙刃閃電設計並結合ARGB閃耀燈效,還有卓越的硬件擴充性,最高可支援360mm水冷排、長達315mm顯卡、和170mm CPU散熱器,這是外觀與性能並重的出色產品,能為您帶來絕佳的裝機體驗。
DUO 35 雙螢幕支架適合多工使用者在各種情境下使用,具備金屬製支架及多樣化的機構設計,使其不僅僅是螢幕支架,更是適合長時間使用的舒適家具!
COUGAR FORTE 麥克風懸臂支架貼心兼容多方位應用,具備多種延伸配件設計,再也不用擔心不合適的高度問題。
COUGAR Envision video capture device is tailor-made for game streaming and recording. Featuring 4K60 passthrough and 4K30 capture, it gives you crisp and smooth streaming and recording capabilities. Play and stream your game with high-quality visuals!
COUGAR GEX SNOW is a high-quality 80Plus Gold certified PSU with flawless power delivery at 40°C environments. Efficient, silent and durable, GEX SNOW is the best answer for those looking for the best value in PSUs.