MX331 Mesh-G has three built in RGB strips at the front panel, which showcases spectacular lighting effects. With a crystal clear tempered glass left panel, you are freely to create a clear view of your computer’s internal components. It’s also equipped with adjustable fan speed controller and 4 USB ports to bring you efficient and convenient experiences.
MX410 Mesh-G RGB sports an attractive and compact design with a massive mesh front panel for better air flow performance. The integrated lighting button with built-in LED controller allows it to display amazing lighting effects. With a massive tempered glass left panel, MX410 Mesh-G RGB showcases a clean and tidy build. It has wider but more compact and powerful design, which allows you to have high-performance and abundant storage space.
Blazer Essence is a compact metal open-frame gaming mid tower case with new esthetics design, superior combination of metal framing and full tempered glass panels. With support for up to ATX motherboards, it allows you to showcase your high-end components to create an amazing masterpiece beyond your imagination.
Immersa Pro Prix is a headset targeting at USB High Definition connection. The edition is born for PC games, targeting desktop or laptop gaming with high-end features such as 7.1 virtual surround, customizable lighting, a full software equalizer, strengthening sound drivers an upgraded 9.7mm microphone, it merges everything a PC gamer could ask for in a headset.

The final evolution of the gaming mouse world’s alpha predator. Taking all the customization, ergonomics and extended functionality that made 700M a winner, 700M EVO eSPORTS brings in a robust new optical sensor (Pixart PMW3389), further ergonomic enhancements and a new look to rule the online arenas.

With a transparent front panel and a massive tempered glass side window, MX350 RGB offers you a high-end design with a clear vision of your computer’s internal components. Add to this an impressive support for cooling and components, and you’ve got one of the best mid-towers ever.
Ranger電競沙發為各領域遊戲玩家帶來全方位的舒適體驗,無論電視遊戲機、手遊APP、掌上型遊戲機、或是PC電競遊戲皆適用! COUGAR選用優良材質、鋼骨結構、高品質組件、折疊式舒壓腳凳、以及可調節式椅背設計,在長時間對戰中提供寬敞、舒適又放鬆的絕佳享受,Ranger電競沙發隨時與您並肩作戰!
CONQUER 2擁有獨特的金屬架構、可拆卸式內機殼、與整合式RGB炫彩燈效等多項特色,跳脫一般機箱的傳統設計,激發改裝玩家的想像力與創造力,助您打造夢想中的非凡傑作!
Phontum Pro brings you top-end audio quality in a highly comfortable design that includes two earpad (fabric and soft protein leather) sets to adapt itself to each situation. Endowed with COUGAR’s graphene diaphragm technology and a dual chamber system, this headset is the dream of an audiophile come true.
COUGAR GEX擁有80-PLUS金牌節能效率認證,於環境溫度40度下,兼具體積精巧、高效性能、運行安靜、穩定耐用等各項優點,是一款高性價比的電源供應器。
BXM is a high-reliability PSU with 80Plus Bronze efficiency certification. Its DC-DC structure plus durable HDB fan provide stable voltage output and smother cooling. BXM is the best value choice.
COUGAR 700K是一款獲得iF設計獎的機械式鍵盤,我們將如此出色的產品再優化升級為700K EVO,延續優質的Cherry MX機械軸與G-key設計,RGB背光與鋁製背板的交相輝映顯得更加炫彩迷人,此外,700K EVO還有更便利及更快速的自定義巨集功能與模式,不需跳出遊戲視窗就能即時切換,也是專為MOBA與MMO玩家所設計的電競鍵盤。
COUGAR MARS戰神電競桌符合人體工學設計與寬敞的桌面空間設計,搭配炫麗奪目的雙翼RGB戰鬥燈效,為您創造熱血沸騰的電競氛圍,並結合獨一無二的原創設計元素,實現您夢想中的戰鬥舞台!
COUGAR’s AQUA is an all-in-one RGB liquid cooling series. It is a perfect solution for gamers who require powerful CPU cooling performance with astounding RGB visuals.
COUGAR Vantar MX是特別為忠實玩家所設計的電競鍵盤,配備機械軸、全域自定義按鍵功能、和RGB背光,是市面上最堅固耐用的鍵盤之一,也具備所有能擊敗敵方的特點!
An enhanced and stable power solution for integrated systems, DIY or gaming PC. With 230EU standard efficiency certification, you can enjoy your PC application by reducing your electricity bill.
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