80 Plus 金牌節能效率認證

COUGAR GX-F AURUM is a high-quality 80 PLUS Gold certified PSU with flawless power delivery in 50°C environments. Compact, efficient, silent and durable, GX-F AURUM is the best answer for those looking for the best value in PSUs.
80-PLUS 金牌節能效率認證的全模組電源供應器,於環境溫度50度下,依舊穩定供電。兼具體積精巧、優質性能、運行安靜、穩定耐用等各項優點。

80 Plus 銅牌節能效率認證

BXM is a high-reliability PSU with 80Plus Bronze efficiency certification. Its DC-DC structure plus durable HDB fan provide stable voltage output and smother cooling. BXM is the best value choice.

80 Plus Standard

這一款80-Plus節能效率認證(高達84%)的電源供應器,配有105ºC日系待機電容與單軌 +12V的輸出電壓,讓您享受更高端的電競生活。

80 Plus EU Stardard

An enhanced and stable power solution for integrated systems, DIY or gaming PC. With 230EU standard efficiency certification, you can enjoy your PC application by reducing your electricity bill.
A reliable fixed cable PSU that fulfils most users’ needs. With 80 PLUS EU certification (up to 88% efficiency), fan auto-regulation and the protections you need to protect your computer.


An excellent fixed cable solution for integrated systems, with up to 83% efficiency and enhanced stability.
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