Scissor Gaming Keyboard

200K is a low noise comfortable and low profile scissor switch keyboard, equipped with 7-colour backlight and handy functions ready to make your gaming life better!

COUGAR 200K - Scissor Gaming Keyboard
COUGAR 200K - Scissor Gaming Keyboard


Enter the Game

COUGAR 200K Gaming Keyboard is the key to enjoying the world of gaming. Designed for those people who want the core functionality of a gaming keyboard within a no-nonsense, durable and elegant design, COUGAR 200K puts pro-level gaming at everybody's reach.

COUGAR 200K - Enter the Game


  • COUGAR 200K - Anti-Ghosting Technology
    Anti-Ghosting Technology

    Anti-Ghosting technology is a nice but costly feature in keyboards.

  • COUGAR 200K - Scissor-Switch Mechanism
    Scissor-Switch Mechanism

    Approach your prey silently.

  • COUGAR 200K - WASD and Arrow Keys Exchange
    WASD and Arrow Keys Exchange

    FN key + W key

  • COUGAR 200K - Key Shortcuts
    Key Shortcuts

    FN key combos to quickly access multimedia options and to lock the WIN key.

  • COUGAR 200K - Repeat Rate Acceleration
    Repeat Rate Acceleration

    The COUGAR 200K allows you to duplicate the repeat rate of the keyboard to save you time and make repeated input easier.

  • COUGAR 200K - Non-Slip Rubber Stand
    Non-Slip Rubber Stand

    Remains stable even during intense gaming sessions.

  • 7 colours Backlight

    Convenient one-touch to change the backlight colour.

  • Silent Gaming

    200K will allow you to enjoy pro-level gaming at night or in quiet environments. Its scissor switches emit a minimal amount of sound, and will allow you to become a silent hunter!

  • Breathing Effect

    FN key combo to turn on the backlight breathing.

  • Rugged Body

    Embedded steel plate for durability and stability.

  • Superior Design

    The COUGAR 200K´s design beats all existing competition in its market segment. A solid and durable design culminated with a brushed metal coating surface. All supported from behind by anti-slip keyboard feet.

  • Driver Free

    No installations, no software conflicts. Plug and Play.

Anti-Ghosting Technology

Anti-Ghosting Technology in Gaming Keys
Anti-Ghosting technology is a nice but costly feature in keyboards. It demands more processing power, more sophisticated circuitry and more. To optimize the cost/benefit ratio, the COUGAR 200K incorporates this technology into the keys that are commonly used in combination with other keys when gaming.

In short:
The Accuracy YOU Need.

COUGAR 200K - Anti-Ghosting Technology

Scissor Switches

ApProach your prey silently
The COUGAR 200K´s Scissor switches provide an answer for all those who want a quiet gaming keyboard with silent quality feedback. Play at night without disturbing anybody and enjoy precise response and excellent tactile feedback.

COUGAR 200K - Scissor Switches

7-colour Backlight

Full Gaming Atmosphere
Useful both for finding keys while playing in the dark and for creating the kind of atmosphere you want, the COUGAR 200K features 7-colour Backlight for all its keys. The dedicated backlight control key allows the user to easily switch colours, while a key combination allows switching to a breathing light effect.

COUGAR 200K - 7-colour Backlight


product Name COUGAR 200K scissor gaming keyboard
Switches Scissor-switch
Anti-Ghosting Keys 19-Key Rollover
Full key Backlight Yes
Repeat Rate 1X/2X
Interface USB plug
Cable Length 1.6m
Dimension 165(L) x 450(W) x 23(H) mm
6.5(L) x 17.72(W) x 0.91(H) in
Weight 870g (1.92 lb)

System Requirements

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10


COUGAR 200K - Dimension